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Blade Runner: the Gillette´s cut

Category: General — 1/ February/ 2007 « PREVIOUS | NEXT »

Blade Runner: la versión de Gillette. El afeitado en el futuro.

Now we can buy razors with 6 blades. Are you sure this joke is not going to be too realistic in the next future?

Some told me there is TV spot where they make a joke based on this idea. They call it Quintippio. Anyway, the cartoon is several moth older, as you can see.

Note: Ridley Scott is going launch a new version of “Blade runner”. Again!

Para aquellos que sólo hablan español fíjense en el anuncio de la máquina de afeitar de 12 hojas. Lamentablemente parte de la gracia se pierde en la traducción.

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